25th SEPTEMBER 2021

Impressions of the stallion parade celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Principal and State Stud Neustadt (Dosse)

I had the honor to present both my mares "Zeenayah al Nour" and her daughter "Zabeyah al Nour" at the stallion parade at Neustadt (Dosse). They were part of the historical presentation of the development of horse breeding at the stud farm. Amongst others, Arabian thoroughbreds were used there by the Earl of Lindenau to improve the quality of the local breed.

Many thanks to Dr. Jürgen Müller and Dr. Henning Frevert for the kind invitation, Stefanie Schrader for the wonderful photos and Sara Kühne for her excellent help and the loving presentation!


"Al Habib"
(Mahadin x Mahmeya, Moheba, DS)

Since April 2021 my dearest beloved stallion „Al Habib“ has finally returned back home to me. On familiar grounds and with his mares he significantly flourishes more and more every day. Today, my beautiful and expressive boy showed himself in an excellent manner at the stallion licensing (German breeding society VZAP e.V.). Hence, I am incredibly proud to announce that Al Habib was awarded the well deserved silver ribbon!


I am overjoyed that both my presented mares were awarded the premium title at the studbook registration (German breeding society VZAP e.V.) on 7th of September. As a breeder I am particularly proud that „Zeenayah al Nour“ (FA Medu Neter x Zeen) as well as her daughter „Zabeyah al Nour“ (Khuwey el Bediya x Zeenayah al Nour) have been bred by me.

MAY 2019

We congratulate the Marbach state stud
for the acquisition of our straight egyptian stallion "Al Habib".

It is a great pleasure for us that this beautiful stallion will be preserved for the German breed and will take influence in the silver herd of Marbach.

We wish the Marbach state stud wonderful foalcrops in the next years and thank our beloved "Habibi" from deep of our hearts for 11 magical years together.

MAY 2018

Our newest straight egyptian family member is born
We love this cute little guy, he is adorable!

Mashal al Nour
Khuwey el Bediya x Murijanah
Fam. Siglavi Gidran Ibn Sudan
* 05.05.2018

APRIL 2017

All our dreams are fullfilled ...
Zeenayah did it!
She gave us the greatest gift we could wish for:

Zabeyah al Nour
Khuwey el Bediya x Zeenayah al Nour
Fam. Kohailan Rodan
* 09.04.2017


A warm and sunny summerday ...
enriched with such beautiful memories and inspiring people
as Peter und Dinah Gross.
Thank you!

Al Habib (Mahadin x Mahmeyah)

Gentle private conversation between Peter Gross and my beloved
Al Habib (Mahadin x Mahmeyah). This charming moment is captured by Melanie Groger / ZoomPerformance. Great, thank you, Mel!

MAY 2016

Breeding Season - Yeah!!!
Our beautiful mares Murijanah and Zeenayah al Nour are both checked in foal to Khuwey el Bediyah (Montasar x Marqueesa by Ansata Amir Zaman). We are so excited about the foals in 2017!

What a cross:

APRIL 2016

Baby Alert - finally it is fullfilled:
After three colts Sabiyah gave us the long awaited filly
... what a pedigree! We welcome:

Salua al Nour
Al Habib x Sabiyah
Fam. Siglavi Gidran Ibn Sudan
* 04.2016

JUNE 2014

Sabiyah gave birth to a beautiful fine and typey colt by Al Habib.
Both parents combine the purest breeding lines of Peter Gross.

We called this wonderful young boy:

Sahib al Nour
Al Habib x Sabiyah
Fam. Siglavi Gidran Ibn Sudan
* 06.2014

MAY 2014

It´s now one year ago that you felt asleep in my arms ...
You will live on in our hearts and in your charming great-granddaughters with us forever - a great consolation, but the mourning is still there ...
I miss you, beloved pearl!

Bint Iman
Mourad x Iman
Elite Mare VZAP e.V.
Fam. Dahman Shahwan
Born 1985 in El Zahraa ... deceased 2013 at Al Nour Arabians

APRIL 2014

We are very happy to annnounce the birth of Al Habibs and Murijanahs first foal. A beautiful fine and typey princess is now
dancing over our pastures!

Murijanah as a "first-time-mum" is doing a really great job!

Mouna al Nour
Al Habib x Murijanah
Fam. Kohailan Jellabi
* 04.2014


Long overdue ...
but now it is finally done:
Website update at Al-Nour-Arabians!

Al Habib

Many thanks to Melanie Groger for the wonderful pics!
Enjoy and have fun!


Al Nour Arabians wish to all of you Merry Christmas and a peaceful, healthy and happy New Year 2014.


We are absolutely thrilled out and so proud of Al Habib!
Years full of waiting and hoping were rewarded!
Trained by us we could always rely on him in all situations.
So he mastered, despite a slight handicap by a previous injury, full of confidence his first appearance in public.

Al Habib
Mahadin x Mahmeya
Fam. Dahman Shahwan

German stallion licensing show
Aachen 2013
White ribbon

Thanks to all for a great number of unspeakable, outstanding compliments for Al Habib!
A weekend full of emotions!


Al Nour Arabians wish to all of you Merry Christmas and
a peaceful, healthy and happy New Year 2013.


After long negotiations I have finally fullfilled me a small personal dream:

AS Murijanah
FA Medu Neter x AS Maiisha

Another beautiful great-granddaughter of my beloved Bint Iman,
another perfect puzzle piece in the bloodlines of my little Arabian breed.
My biggest thanks goes to Annett Sbaghdi for this noble, fine mare.


Al Nour Arabians wish to all of you Merry Christmas and
a peaceful, healthy and happy New Year 2011.

Looking back at 2009 and 2010 I would to thank again at the deepest of my heart all friends for their immense strength and tireless help on many, many days! It was a difficult time for me and without all of you I would not be, where I am today. You have kept my light in the darkness ...
preserved my Al Nour ...

Thank you all!

JUNE 2010

Sabiyah gave birth to an extreme fine and typey colt by Abusir Pasha.
Not at least because of his behavior we called this
young boy smiling the name:

Sarouk al Nour
Abusir Pasha x Sabiyah
Fam. Siglavi Gidran Ibn Sudan
* 06.2010

Welcome little “rocket”!

APRIL 2010

We welcome „Zoeya al Nour“ to our world!

Tonight Zeen gave birth to a beautiful filly by Abusir Pasha. Well done Zeen ... your little daughter is an absolutely sweet lady.

Zoeya al Nour
Abusir Pasha x Zeen
Fam. Kohailan Rodan
* 04.2010


Al Nour Arabians wish to all of you Merry Christmas and
a peaceful, healthy and happy New Year 2010.


Beloved Pash, my noble Lord ...
when you were born, the sky was crying because he had lost a star.
Tonight, I look at the clear sky and see
that the dark blue above got back a beautiful, sparkling star.

Now, down here in the stillness of the night
I stand and marvel at the glittering light in my darkness,
Tears are running down my face.
I'm crying ...
Forgive me, my friend ...
in deepest love

Albatros 12.03.1985 – 24.09.2009


Our offspring 2009 is finally complete:

Ma´ab al Nour
Abusir Pasha x Medinah al Ariba
Fam. Siglavi
* 08.2009

JULY 2009

How time passes by ... Abusir Pashas visit at our place is over.
We thank Norbert and Katja Krüger for all the trust placed in us.
It was a wonderful time with a very fine and noble stallion.

Abu we will miss you.

JUNE 2009

We have been waiting with excitement and welcome from the heart
Sabiyahs first foal. Welcome little charming boy.

Saif al Nour
Abusir Pasha x Sabiyah
Fam. Siglavi Gidran Ibn Sudan
* 06.2009

APRIL 2009

It’s springtime!

We are very happy to announce the birth of Abusir’s
second son. A proud, very correct and typey new
family-member is dancing over our pastures!

Abusir and Zeen did a really great job.

Zayeed al Nour
Abusir Pasha x Zeen
Fam. Kohailan Rodan
* 31.03.2009

APRIL 2009

Still with the rest of his winter coat on
he is enjoying the first warm sun of spring -
our young growing jewel Al Habib!

We enjoyed the first small photo session with our new youngster.

The finest and purest pedigree ...

Al Habib
Mahadin x Mahmeya
Fam. Dahman Shahwan


Today an unbelievable honor was given to us:

Our beloved

Bint Iman (Mourad x Iman)
*1985 El Zahraa
Fam. Dahman Shahwan

was honored today with the highest award that the
German breeding association VZAP e.V. has to give:

the ELITE-Title

We have tears of joy in our eyes.
Full of pride in this wonderful mare -
beautiful, charismatic and full of maternal gentleness,
an original true pearl of the desert ...

It is an indescribable honor for us to have this
grand dame in our small barn.


We are absolutely thrilled out!
Abusir Pasha got a white ribbon at the German stallion
registration show in Aachen!

Well done Abusir Pasha!

Many thanks to Volker and Robert for the perfect presentation!

01.10.2008 * Breeding Season 2009

Abusir Pasha
(Abbas Pasha I x El Dahma)
Fam. Dahman Shahwan

We are very happy that this absolutely beautiful stallion
will stay with us also in 2009!

Abusir Pasha is available for a limited numbers of outside mares.
Breeding conditions on request.

Visitors are after a short call always welcome!


I put my view roaming ...
there, at the other end of the pasture I see HIM.
His neighing is youthful and yet so imperious.
I must inevitably laugh ...
because HE is just four weeks young now.

Loud snorting and blowing, with far expanded nostrils, the tail
high above over his back with pride arched neck
HE is dancing in front of "his" mares ...

Even at this distance HIS silhouette makes no doubt:
Arabian nobility through and through coupled
with a dose of masculine pride.

My dream come true ...
covered with the beautiful stamp of Abbas Pasha I, a living homage to
El Zahraas Farazdac, Adl and Ikhnatoon is striding in dignity,
with a nearly arrogant attitude over our pastures.
HE left no doubt – blood never lies.
All these hopes in this breeding have been fulfilled
in type and behavior in shape of

Imran al Nour
Abusir Pasha x Bint Iman
Fam. Dahman Shawan
* 05.08.2008

JUNI 2008

Al Nour Arabians presents full of proud and joy the newest addition
to our straight egyptian broodmareband:

Beautiful granddaughter of our beloved "Shamah" (deceased 2006)
and the last daughter born here in Germany by El Shahwan

El Shahwan x Sahara VII
Fam. Siglavi Gidran Ibn Sudan

She is a really special late and wonderful gift for us:
Welcome pure white pearl ...


"The stomachs of the mares are treasure chests bulging with gold.
Guard and feed them well." (Emir Abd-el-Kader)

On 01.03.2008 our Zeen opened her treasure chest for us. A year of waiting and hoping was richly rewarded. She gave us …

"Zeenayah al Nour"
… a small lightning treasure
… For us by immeasurably great value!

January 2008

Since September 2007 everything changed:
The perfect match to our broodmare band
in pheno- as well as in genotype
enters gracefully our stable …

All our hope is reflected in his big dark eyes …
A prince … HE knows that he carries a great inheritance inside.

Full of pride we present you our stallion for 2008:

Abusir Pasha
Straight Egyptian (Dahman Shahwan)

Incredible beautiful son of unforgotten
Abbas Pasha I (Elite stallion) and the lovely El Dahma II
(premium mare) by Montasar out of our
beloved Grande Dame Bint Iman.

Our joy can not be described with words …
A merge of fate - an unbelievable gift …
… there are no coincidences.

At this point, our biggest thanks go to Norbert and Katja
for this leasing possibility.

There are no doubts:
Abusir Pasha will continue his royal heritage dignity!

October 2007

Our small herd of straight Egyptian mares is now completed:

(Assad x 229 Abbas Pasha)
*1991 Babolna

Dear little chestnut, welcome back home –
We’ll never let you go again.

August 2007

It is a great honor for us, to welcome you
- a true Queen - at our small farm:

Bint Iman
(Mourad x Iman)
*1985 El Zahraa


It’s summertime - Magic is in the air!

Finest weather and beautiful Arabians inspired our souls …

Our special thanks goes to Melanie Groger for catching such
incredible moments and for having another really wonderful,
but much too short weekend!

Our beloved "new" mare ZEEN - 19 years young -
shows us once again that straight Egyptians really can move:

(Zohair I x 221 Ibn Galal I)

Born to fly without wings … Enjoy with us …


At the end of a new journey …
we have found what we were looking for:

Zeen sired by Zohair I out of 221 Ibn Galal I

We welcome you at our stud!


It's a very, very sad day …
Our beloved queen is dead.

"Shamah" 1985 - 2006
sired by Nizam (Shaarawi x Nazeema)
out of El Samraa (Kaisoon x Bint Wedad)

We thank god for six beautiful years with her, she was a queen,
a wonderful mother and she was our beloved pearl …

We enjoyed every day, every hour and every second with her.
Our eyes are filled with tears, our hearts are full of pain of loosing her so suddenly. Too much to early and - even in the age of twenty - much too young.

Beloved Shamah, thank you for all.